Horse Rental – 1 & 2 hours available ALL year, also 3 hours ride & day tours in summertime.

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Description of the horse rental tours ( the route can change due to weather and track conditions):
Secret Grand Canyon tour – 1 hour ride in Hestheimar. Riders enjoy a ride over a small river, over fields , while enjoying seeing volcano Hekla and glaciers and through a narrow valley.Available in summer time.
River Ride – 2 hour ride in Hestheimar. Riders enjoy crossing the river: Steinslækur several times, going through fields and up hills, with volcano and glacier views. Available in summer time.

Volcano view tour – 3 hour ride in Hestheimar. Riders enjoy riding on a top of a hill, with panorama view over whole South Iceland, seeing volcano Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull, glacier Tindfjallajökull and the Westman Islands.Available in summer time.

Riding with Elves – Day tour in Hestheimar. Riders enjoy riding past several elf cities and perhaps even see a elf or two on the way. Riding on great riding tracks through farmland and to a beautiful lake: Gíslholtsvatn. Available in summer time.

1 and 2 hours riding tours available ALL YEAR, but different tracks than described above. Tailormade riding tours for groups. Exclusive tours available.More information and bookings: hestheimar@hestheimar.is