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Hestheimar is an established company in the tourist industry that focuses mainly on horse riding tours. In Hestheimar you will also find horse trading (buying and selling), horse breeding, horse rental, accommodation, catering and much more. Welcome!

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Puppy and cat playing in Hestheimar
"Aaaaatsjú!" Our cute puppy, Pollý, was sneezing a lot - and then trying to get rid of her brand new collar :) Finally she just decided to play with our cat, Tíska, but they are now good friends. Lively household in our home :) Enjoy the day, dear friends near and far !
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Fully booked ! Horse shoeing course 23.1.2016 is fully booked, next one will be held 27.2.2016. More information and bookings: hestheimar@hestheimar.is and www.hestheimar.is. Welcome to Hestheimar, where horses and humans enjoy life !
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Hestheimar, Guesthouse and horse farmFullbókað ! Járningarnámskeiðið 23.1.2016 er fullbókað, næsta námskeið verður haldið 27.2.2016. Nánari upplýsingar og bókanir: hestheimar@hestheimar.is og www.hestheimar.is. Verið hjartanlega velkomin í Hestheima þar sem hestar og menn njóta lífsins !

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